Exhibition Packets

Generally, an exhibition packet is prepared and submitted to galleries for announcements, publicity and materials to hand out to gallery visitors. Packets can vary in size and content, but the following list is standard.
  • Artist Statement: 200 words max.
    • If your exhibition / body of work has a title, then include this as a part of the Artist Statement title. e.g.: <Exhibition Title> – Artist Statement
  • Checklist (a list of all items in the exhibition: title; date; dimensions H,W,D inches/cm or duration if time-based; media)
    • It can be very helpful to include thumbnail images of all pieces in the checklist
  • Price list (exactly as Checklist but with prices at the end of the data listed above)
  • Artist Bio: 200 words max, narrative form
  • Artist CV: in list form
  • Contact information (mailing address, telephone, email, web URL)
  • 2 image files of work: jpg, max. longest dimension = 1000 pixels, 72 dpi, 100% (no compression). Each file name should correspond to a block of text in the email that clearly indicates the image title; date; dimensions H,W,D inches/cm or duration if time-based; media
  • It is recommended that you prepare business cards of some sort. Free services such as http://www.vistaprint.com are worth looking into.
  • Ditto postcards of your work.
The packet should be prepared in both digital form (PDFs in one folder, ready to zip and send to people or burn on disc) and in print form. Digital versions should be carefully organized into one folder, with sub-folders if necessary. Name all files in a way that makes sense.
Prepare all the documents (as opposed to the business cards and postcards) with the following format and typographics:
Document borders set to 1.5″ margins all around
Sheet size US Letter (8.5 x 11)
Type: Times (not Times Roman!!), 12 point
Header: Right aligned: <your name> – <document title, e.g. “Satement”>
Footer: Right aligned: <page number>