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Notes from last class – Fall 2012

speigel im speigel by Arvo Pärt

Daniel’s penguin joke [link comins soon]

Dorothea Lange – A Visual Life

Portrait of Imogen

Class Show:


Meg –

Roshni –

Allie –

261-361 Folio notes

Stack assembly:

  • sequence prints:
    1. Katherine Rogers
    2. Caroline MInchew
    3. Greg Petropoulos
    4. Will Watson
    5. Compton Fields
    6. Kathryn Spencer
    7. Dylan Orlady
    8. Geno Schlichting
    9. Pradip Malde
    10. Ashley Block
    11. Chandler Sowden
    12. Emily Duncan
  • place stacks in folders, trimmed and sequenced
    – check off prints on folder list so we know when it is complete
  •  trim prints for the folder to 10.5 x 13.5

Folio design and content

  • box label
  • fold-over cover
  • Intro sheet:
    1. Title:
    2. About the folio
    3. Brief description of process and paper
    4. Edition number …. of 14
    5. List of prints by sequence:
    —- e.g. First Last Name, Title, date, pt-pd print on 100% cellulose paper from 8×10/4×5 inch original negative [Geno’s will be slightly different]

Phoot Camp 2012

“Phoot Camp is an invite-only creative retreat and photography workshop hosted by Laura Brunow Miner, founder of Pictory and former editor in chief of JPG Magazine. (Yes, thats P-H-O-O-T, a nod to O’Reilly’s Foo Camp, a retreat for the best and brightest in the tech industry.) Picture forty-eight hours of photo walks, portrait challenges, slideshows, s’more making, and general creative collaboration. Phoot Camp started in October of 2009 at a campground in the bay area. Virb sponsored the 2010 and 2011 events and we were able to upgrade to an estate in the hills outside Los Angeles and then an RV park in Marfa, Texas, and also to this lovely website built on the Virb platform.”