Schedule 361 – 2017 Spring

Class meetings occur once a week, on Thursday from 1:30 to 4:30, in Carnegie 204 unless otherwise announced. PLEASE ENSURE THAT ANY EXTRA-CURRICULAR COMMITMENTS DO NOT CONFLICT WITH THIS. Additionally all students are asked to participate in occasional evening meetings, gallery events and lectures. Field trips may require excused absences from other faculty. While the instructor will validate the requests, it is each student’s responsibility to acquire these excuses from other professors.

Readings and the related discussions will occur on a weekly basis.

The first half of class is generally for lab/studio sessions, demonstrations or critiques; the second half is generally for lectures, discussions or critiques.


  • Introduction
  • Discussion of all exercises and projects
  • Equipment and materials disbursement


Of Special Note: to all interested in Sewanee projects in Haiti, today’s Winter Convocation will bestow an Honorary Degree on Dr. Paul Farmer. Please attend. Also, watch this space for announcements about a special meeting with Dr. Farmer and students interested in Haiti.

  • Equipment handout
  • Discussion of light meters
  • Tripod handling
  • Sheet film processing principles – Pyro development PYRO HAZARD WARNING
  • Enlargers and contact printing
  • Principles and multi-grade printing and split filter printing
  • Assignment: Sharing equipment as a part of one of two groups, expose, process and contact print one frame of 120 roll film using a Holga camera mounted on a tripod. Use a light meter. All aspects of the assignment must be carried out with at least one other person in the group. Due: Next class
02.02 – Pradip in Haiti
  • Discussion: Symbols and the mindscape / Guston, Philip / Bucklow, Chris. “Epilogue” / Philip Guston
  • Sheet film processing demonstration and hands on
  • Large format camera controls
  • Light meter controls
  • Print finishing and mounting review
    • PLEASE READ, even though this does not pertain specifically to pt-pd printing, before class if possible:

Blakemore, John. Black and White Photography Workshop – Postvisualization: the Print (p. 84-107)

Ctein, Post Exposure: Special Concerns of Variable Contrast Paper Users (p. 139 – 144)

  • review of camera and light meter controls
  • Hands on: masking and exposure controls in pt-pd printing
  • Exposure, contrast and development
  • Demonstration of digital and analogue masking techniques
03.15 – 08:00 AM departure
 and SPRING BREAK – Field Trip to Washington DC
  • TBA
  • Discussion: TBA
  • Chemistry and controls in pt-pd printing
  • archival processing
  • Discussion: Paul Strand and Stanley Kunitz


  • Editioning
  • Vernacular of pt/pd
  • FINAL CRITIQUES begin and continue into exam period