Translation Project Draft 2 – Virginia Klemens

I am nearly finished collecting photographs for the book and I have edited my existing photographs. I should have all of the photographs needed by the end of the week and my goal is to send the request for personal writings today and to receive the majority of them by the beginning of next week so that I can start scanning. I have decided to collect a piece of writing from each team member and coach and pair the writings with the photographs after receiving the photographs instead of sending a photograph to each individual. I have made this change to allow for more creativity and freedom in the subject of the writings. Attached are a few examples of my new work.

Translation Project- Draft 2 Melissa Zankman

I have been working on sequencing these photos in addition to the collection I already have. I have began to focus more on my experience of crowds and the spaces they occupy (rather than throwing nature into the mix at this point). Additionally, I have found interest in the prospect of looking/watching- I aim to include no pictures were someone is acknowledging the camera. In this way, I attempt to communicate some omniscient judging eye that is ever present in public spaces, especially in situations when many people are present.

Translation Project- Melissa Zankman

Originally, I was playing with ideas of documenting my creative space through photography, focusing on the building of personal connections with people who I felt varying degrees of familiarity with. However, I started to feel like I would not get out what I want from the project. This past weekend, I began to think about motion. Motion in the natural world, motion of living things. I began to wonder what role humans play in this motion, if it is similar or different from other beings.

Translation Project – Aidan Bliss

A window might be considered as three different spaces. There are the two opposing sides past the glass, but there’s also the space within the glass itself. The argument holds up when considering computers as windows, a digital world of bytes flanked on either side by the real and electronic spaces. What changes when traversing the thin space separating each?

Furthering my interest in the internet and the role that it played in my development, this work will shatter the glass that separates my younger self from my current iteration. The goal is to scrutinize the paradox of the internet as alchemical catalyst v.s. the internet as another wall separating human selves.