Schedule 2018 Fall Art 103

Art 231: Intermediate Digital Art — UPDATED on July 07, 2018

NOTE: This Schedule is subject to significant changes up to the first day of class, Fall 2018. After that date, minor adjustments may be made, and always no later than 24 hours prior to the altered class. 

Class meetings are in Tuesday from 1:30 to 4:30 PM, in Carnegie 311. There will be occasions when class meeting locations are elsewhere – please check the following schedule on the morning of each meeting for up-to-date location announcements. Only exceptions to the normal times will be noted below in bold.

References to the course text, Henry Horenstein, ‘Black & White Photography: A Basic Manual’ 3rd ed. are underlined, with chapter or page numbers in brackets. Students are expected to become thoroughly familiar with these references by the end of the day they are assigned.
Other references such as lecture slides and readings may be accessed via the link and a username and password.


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Assignments + Reading and Viewing

Online material or resources are indicated by a link, and in almost all cases will require a username and password which will be emailed to each student by the start of the semester.

NB: All Reading, Viewing and Photographic assignments are to be completed outside of formal class time, and prior to the date where they are listed.

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 First week of classes

Tuesday SEP 4


The Camera: Holga usage and controls

Demonstrate film processing

Assign: expose and process two rolls of film due SEP 11

Tuesday SEP 11

Review negatives

Demonstrate negative scanning as positive digital files

Introduce Premier, import scanned files make slide show

Discussion: essay from “The Decisive Moment”, Henri Cartier-Bresson

Assign: continue exposing film, processing, scanning and building a Premier slideshow that runs for 60 seconds. Due SEP 18

Tuesday SEP 18

Review Premier sequence

Demonstrate Contact printing

Assign: continue exposing, processing, and contact printing all negatives thus far, due SEP 25.

Tuesday SEP 25

Review contact prints

Demonstrate enlargement printing

Tuesday OCT 02

Printing session (contrast, dodging, burning)

 Tuesday OCT 09

Printing session (split filter printing)

Assign final project

 Tuesday OCT 16 – Mid-semester

Premier: revisit scanned negatives, reconsider time-based sequences, no sound

Thursday OCT 18 – FALL BREAK

Tuesday OCT 23

Continue with final project in two forms: as print sequence and as time-based sequence, projected

Tuesday OCT 30

Tuesday NOV 06

Tuesday NOV 13

Tuesday NOV 20


Tuesday NOV 27


Thursday NOV 29

Tuesday DEC 04


Thursday DEC 06

Tuesday DEC 11

FINAL CRITIQUES, possibly continuing into Final Exam Period