Writing about photographs

1. What ideas do you bring to the photographs?
3. What parts of the photograph do you pay attention to, and in what order?
4. What connects the photographs: color, texture, tone, contrast, key, composition?
5. How does the photograph make you feel?
6. What messages are read from the photographs?
7. What do(es) the photograph(s) remind you of?
8. What are the formal (structural) relationships and the conceptual (emotional) relationships in the photograph?
9. What is it about – as opposed to what is it a photograph OF?
10. What is it not – as opposed to what is it – a photograph OF?

We may also want to think about another way of discussing and writing about photographs:

A. The Print – the physicality of the photograph(s): surface, size, dark/light, color, tone, texture
B. The Expression – the feelings, events and episodes that are express in the photograph: what happens in front of the lens, how subject matter is organized
C. The Analysis – the ideas that render the photograph, the conceptual filters that are in place, the technical controls that are used to order the image: framing, focus, moment, exposure, movement, location

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photograph by Kate Gardner

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