what is seen. what can be seen.

iphone_1028773"Ellie"  Sewanee, TN. January 2014

What does it mean to be intentional? Within the first few days of the semester, I had heard some form of the phrase "be intentional" at least five separate times. So I decided this semester, this year, would be one of intention. Thus far, the idea has fit in nicely with both of my classes I have attended- Animals and Religion and Documentary Photo. My largest task will to be act with intention, whether I am photographing, with my friends, with my horse, or in school. Intention. To me, it seems to be a mind set through which one is able to see one's surroundings, acknowledge, and act accordingly while maintaining integrity of self.

Yesterday I realized how hard it is for me to photograph my horse because of how routine my days with her are. I sat in her stall with her and my camera and watched. I watched her move around and the way the light from her window made her coat appear different colors and textures. I took a photograph.

It's interesting how intention can shift the way we see someone or something. The simple act of acknowledging a subject and the surroundings, being aware, can differentiate between what is seen and what can be seen through photographing intentionally.

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